The Theory Test

Can you answer these questions?

Q. On a motorway, the hard shoulder should be used

A. to check a road atlas

B. When an emergency arises

C. To answer a mobile phone

D. For a short rest when tired

Q. Before making a U-turn in the road, you should

A. signal so that other drivers can slow down for you

B. Give an arm signal as well as using your indicators

C. Look over your shoulder for a final check

D. Select a higher gear than normal

Do you know what any of the signs below are?

Before you are able to take the practical test you must pass a theory test which consists of 50 multiple choice questions, there is also a case study that shows a scenario of five pictures followed by multiple-choice questions based on the scenarios. There is also a hazard perception test that contains fourteen video clips of developing hazards and in one clip there will be two hazards.

To pass the theory test, the candidate has to obtain a mark of forty-three or more in the multiple-choice theory section and score forty-four or above in the hazard perception test.

There are several¬† recommended theory DVD’s and books which are available to buy at local book stores and online. You can also click on this link The link contains the full question bank of theory questions designed to improve your knowledge and help you to pass the test.

Practicing The Theory Test

You can use the free service from to practice the theory test.

This is an online version of the test which includes the full question bank.


People with disabilities

The theory test is designed specifically for people who are dyslexic, partially sighted, slightly deaf or have other disabilities. When booking the test the candidate must specify their disability and make sure that they tell the booking agency exactly what they require. The DSA may ask the candidate to provide a doctor’s note or a letter on headed paper from a school or college to confirm their condition. More details can be found on the "dealing with disability when driving page" of the website.

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