Motorway Lessons

90% of accidents that happen on a motorway are down to driver error with the other 10% due to mechanical error.

Every day 9 people will die and another 78 will be seriously injured on our roads, excessive speed is a major factor in a significant number of these cases.

Current statistics show that more than 1,500 people are killed or injured each year on the hard shoulder.

These are just a few of the statistics I have found when looking for information on motorways.

Passing your driving test is a massive achievement, a boost to your confidence and means freedom to drive where and when you want. Also, you are now allowed to drive on faster roads such as dual carriageways and motorways without any additional tuition.

Although the statistics are worrying they are not meant to stop you from driving on a fast road but to encourage you to seek further assistance and book a pass plus course or some additional motorway lessons.

The pass plus is a 6hr course and will cost £180

Two additional Motorway lessons will cost £60


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