Driving Lesson Expectations

Everyone who starts driving feels a little nervous and apprehensive before their first lesson. They are often unsure of what to expect whether it’s the first time they have ever sat in the driver seat or their first lesson with a new instructor.

When it comes to driving even the best drivers do make the occasional mistakes some more serious than others, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2FV7MNfp7Z4.

At Turn Wright you are encouraged to learn from any errors made. We will look at what went wrong and decide the correct course of action to take to put it right and try again. Whether you simply lift the clutch too quickly and stall, get too close to a parked vehicle or something more serious.

During your lessons, you are encouraged to ask questions and they will be answered as thoroughly as possible. If I am unable to answer the question immediately I will research the problem and get back to you with an answer as soon as possible. It doesn’t matter how random the question, is if you don’t understand ASK. As a matter of practice during your lessons, I will also ask questions to attain where you are with your learning. Try not to feel daunted by the questions sometimes we all get things wrong as I have found out with some of my previous pupils:

Q: Why should you check the centre mirror first and then the external ones? Pupils answer – to see behind me.

Q: How much distance do you need to give to a parked car? Pupils answer – My arm’s length

Q: Who can use and equestrian crossing? Pupils answer ‚ it is a crossing for fish, isn’t it?

Everything that is said during a lesson is done in a constructive manner and is not designed to put you off driving but to make you a better driver with a better understanding. I use positive and negative instruction so you know when something is right, but understand where you need to improve. As a BBC presenter on Top Gear (Richard Hammond) once said:

People aren’t meant to drive, some of us can multi-task but driving requires people to multi-task on a whole new level.‚


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