Keeping our lesson activities safe

The population at this time has not proved immunity to COVID-19 and no vaccine for the virus has yet been created. The virus has the capacity to spread. All teachers and students have a common duty to look after each other's safety and wellbeing, their friends and families, and those with whom we come in touch. That needs to be our prime consideration.


A. The driving lesson will not be given if the teacher displays any signs of the virus within the last 7 days, or if they are in touch with someone who has shown signs within the last 14 days.
B. At the end of each class, the professor cleans off all contact points, i.e. steering wheel, gear lever, seat belt, indicators, rearview mirror, door handles, and any other contact points that could have been reached on the journey.
C. Your teacher must dispose, in the best way possible of all antibacterial pads.
D. Its teacher may wear a mask
E. Your professor will periodically sanitize their hands


A. Whether you have any signs of the virus over the last 7 days or if they have been in touch with someone who has shown signs within the last 14 days, you will be instructed to tell your teacher as soon as possible before your next lesson.
B. All students will be asked to supply their own masks and wear them for the lesson. If for medical reasons you are unable to wear a mask please let your teacher know.
C. We kindly ask you to wash your hands immediately before your class, for at least 20 seconds.
If not possible, we'll supply you with a hand sanitizer.
D. At this time, we suggest that BACS transfer makes all payments in advance because of the possibility of cash changing hands and the potential spread of the virus.

We can only ask for you to follow those procedures. Your instructor may choose not to continue the lesson if you do not comply.


A. Notice of cancelation 48 hours is still required or charges will apply. However, if you believe you might have COVID-19 or have contact with someone who has shown symptoms in the last 14 days, it is vital you cancel your lesson. In these cases, no late cancelation fee will be charged. In this case, after two weeks the next lesson will not take place to ensure that a sufficient period of time has passed to stop the potential spread of the virus.


A. They can talk with you outside the vehicle when your instructor arrives (weather permitting).
There will be a discussion on your health, and if both have had any contact with COVID-19 during the previous week.


A. Windows should be slightly open (weather permitting) to improve ventilation.
B. Your instructor will face forward during the lesson, whenever possible.
C. Where appropriate, there will be some prolonged conversations outside of the car (weather permitting).
D. When a demonstration drive is conducted by the instructor, all controls must be sanitized again.
E. When the instructor needs to take hold of the steering wheel, you'll be told to park the vehicle safely at the appropriate time to allow the instructor to wipe the steering wheel down.



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