Things to do when not driving

05/06/20 09:46:pm

A prolonged amount of time without driving a car can be scary for many of us but especially those who are nervous about driving, those people who had just started driving, or those with imminent driving tests.

Some people are lucky enough to either have their own car or have been insured on a parent’s or sibling’s car. For others who are not so lucky here is a list of things you could do to make driving a little less scary or to make your next lesson feel less like the first:

  1. Look at Youtube - there are some helpful videos which explain things like progressive braking, foot positions on the accelerator, brake and clutch and junctions and roundabouts.

  2. Keep reading through the show and tell questions which can be found on our website at

  3. Read through theory books or access online theory pages. If you need any help we can give access to “Theory test pro”.

  4. Simple things like placing three sponges on the ground and pressing your feet on them in a seesaw motion getting used to the feel of the clutch coming up smoothly as you gently press the accelerator.

  5. Find a diagram of where the gears are and with a pencil and piece of paper work through the different positions for each gear.

  6. We can provide handouts that explain different aspects of the learning process and also some of the steps for the manoeuvres.

  7. Mirroring - when going out with parents, brothers or sisters watch what they do, see if you can mirror their actions. Look at when they brake, change gear and approach junctions and roundabouts ask them questions but try not to annoy them.

When we are able to drive again we will help as much as we can to get everyone up and running again, in the meantime, try not to worry and if you have any questions or are worried about any aspect of driving please don’t hesitate to either visit our website at, email us at or call us on 07983554711 we are always happy to help.

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