The New Test centre

10/05/16 12:33:pm

The New Test centre


At the beginning of February 2020 the driving test centre in Macclesfield moved from Bridge Street to Bailey Court. There has always been a need for a test centre in Macclesfield, the closest one’s after that are either in Sale or Bredbury. The reason for the move was that the DVSA wanted to negotiate a better and longer lease. The new premises allows for both although there are some stringent rules which apply. One example is not allowing instructors to practice  doing the bay park at anytime. The new parking bays are slightly slimmer and there are only six.


A - Shows where the waiting room for the new test centre is

B - Shows the six bays. Each of the spaces is identifiable  because of the letters DVLA printed on them and a notice on the wall behind asking for instructors not to practice at any time.


The bay park manoeuvre can take place at the beginning or end of the practical driving test. If a candidate is asked to complete this exercise at the beginning of the test they must exit the bay there were parked in and turn either left or right until the car and wheels are straight. The candidate can however reverse into the same bay they were in originally parked in.

As with the old test centre there are similar challenges, when leaving the car park the adjacent streets hold similar problems. Some are really tight and most have vehicles parked on either side. This means the candidate must control the speed of the car and plan ahead looking for approaching vehicles and places for them both to stop.

Although the test routes have changed the examiners are still using some of the previous routes which were used from the old test centre.. The test itself is still thirty five to forty five minutes long, The candidate may be asked to do a manoeuvres out on test (if they don’t do the bay park at the beginning or end of the test) the other manoeuvres are the forward bay park, reverse park and the reverse on the right side of the road. There are still twenty minutes of either Sat Nav driving or following Sign posts and they will be required to answer a show and tell question before moving off and on the test itself.

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