The Reverse On The Right

06/24/20 07:30:am

The reverse on the right side of the road

The reverse on the right of the probably the one manoeuvre that most learners would like to do because it is the least technical. The examiner will tell the candidate to stop on the right of the road when it is safe to do so, they will then tell them to reverse back for two car lengths, whilst keeping the car reasonably closer to the kerb.

When pulling up on the right side of the road it is a little like changing lanes on a motorway or dual carriageway. Potentially another vehicle may attempt to overtake therefore it is always wise for any driver to look far enough ahead and also check their blind spot before moving to the other side of the road.

When the learner stops on the right side of the road they need to make sure that they are about the width of a grid away from the kerb. The biggest problem with this manoeuvre is that they need to be aware of the actions of everyone else therefore maintaining good observations is key. The learner should look out for any approaching vehicles, pedestrians or cyclists who may affect them and stop until they have driven past, they should also check for any vehicles reversing out of drive ways. Therefore making sure that they are nice and slow allowing them to keep checking round the car. The candidate only has to reverse two car lengths and make sure the car stays straight and doesn’t either hit the kerb or get too far away if the car does look like its is drifting too much the learner is allowed to pull forward and reverse, again this will incur a minor mark.

When they have completed the manoeuvre the learner will be asked to move off when it is safe. Remembering that they are on the wrong side of the road they must carry out the correct observations and drive off making sure that they rejoin the flow of traffic on the correct side of the road.

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