The Reverse Park

06/24/20 07:37:am

The reverse park

On Monday the 4th of December 2017 the driving test changed and two manoeuvres were taken out of the test and replaced by the reverse on the right of the road and the forward bay park. The two manoeuvres which remained were the reverse park also known as the parallel park and the reverse bay park.

When performing the reverse park on the driving test the examiner will identify which car they would like the learner to reverse behind and will then ask them to pull up on the left. The examiner will then say “when you are ready I would like you to drive forward and stop alongside the car in front then reverse park behind the car making sure that your car is reasonably close to the kerb and no further back than two car lengths from the car in front”.

When reversing the candidate must make effective observations looking for approaching vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists, if anyone approaches they must stop until they know what the other persons intentions are.

When practising this manoeuvre with their driving instructor the learner will probably be given some reference points to follow which will help to make the manoeuvre a little easier. Although they have reference points the learner must make sure that they look at the rear of the vehicle as often as possible for anyone who may be approaching, whilst regularly checking their blind spot.

One of the things which may go wrong is that when they pull up along side the car another vehicle may stop reasonably close to the rear of their vehicle. If they find themselves in this position they should explain to the examiner what has happened and see if the vehicle behind overtakes, if it doesn’t the candidate would then explain the situation to the examiner and pull forward in front of the parked car and wait for further instruction.

Occasionally when reversing the learner may find they either get too close to the kerb or too far away. At this point it is easy to panic and think game over when it really isn’t all the learner needs to do is to adjust their position by either shunting their car backward and forward or take the car back out and correct the manoeuvre. When a manoeuvre needs to be corrected the candidate will be given a minor mark on their test however there is an unofficial time limit that the examiner expects the manoeuvre to be completed in so although they don’t want to rush they don’t want to take too much time either.

The candidate will never be expected to reverse between two cars for safety reasons also when correcting the manoeuvre it can not be started again

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