The Reverse Bay Park

06/16/20 09:05:am

The reverse bay park

This manoeuvre will be performed at either the beginning or the end to the test and will be completed at the test centre. When the learner arrives at the test centre their instructor will get them to reverse in to a bay so that their car is facing forwards when they leave. 

The examiner may decided to perform the reverse bay park before they leave the test centre, therefore the candidate will drive forward out of the bay and turn either left or right, making sure the car and the wheels are straight, the candidate will then reverse into a bay,  they are allowed reverse into the bay they came out of.

When reversing into the bay the car must be as straight as possible, between the lines and ideally leaving enough space for both the examiner and the learner to get out of the car, also making sure that the car doesn’t go too far back. If the pupil isn’t happy with the position of the car they are allowed to move forward and correct the manoeuvre this isn’t deemed as a fail as long as it doesn’t take too long, they keep control of the car and use effective observations.

When performing the manoeuvre it is best to keep the car moving slowly whilst maintaining all round observations looking out for any approaching vehicles, pedestrians or cyclists, if anything were to approach the learner should stop the car and only continue when they deem it safe to do so.

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