The Forward Bay Park

06/16/20 09:34:am

The forward bay park


One of the new manoeuvres on the driving test is the forward bay park, this manoeuvre will be performed in a carpark whilst on test. The examiner will have already decided which manoeuvre they want to do before they leave the test centre and the route that they choose will take them past a few potential car parks.

The learner will have to drive into the carpark making sure that they look for other drivers who may either be parking or leaving to go home. The candidate must also look for any pedestrians walking between vehicles, therefore it is best to drive at a speed that will allow them time to be able to stop if necessary and carry out the correct observations.

When driving into a bay the learner can choose which way they want to park whether it is between two cars or in a bay where no one else is around. The car must be as straight as possible and between the lines leaving enough room for both the examiner and learner to get out of the car.

However, if the candidate feels that the car isn’t straight enough, or that they don’t have enough room to exit the vehicle, they can then reverse out of the bay and correct the manoeuvre. Any correction is not deemed as a fail they will only receive a minor mark. During the manoeuvre the learner must make sure that they carry out good observations and keep checking around their car for approaching vehicles. They must also make sure that they do not go too for forward, if there is a bay in front of the car and they go too far forward this will be deemed as a fail.

This manoeuvre is classed as a reversing manoeuvre, therefore the learner must then reverse out of the bay carrying out the correct observations, keeping control of the car and making sure that they don’t cause damage their own or any other vehicle. Their instructor will make sure they get plenty of practise and help them to identify reference points which will help them to feel comfortable when performing the manoeuvre on test.

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