Anxiety with regard to driving.

05/06/20 11:19:pm

A survey by leading insurance companies revealed that 70% of motorists sometimes feel fearful behind the wheel. Key triggers for stress include driving abroad (36%), traveling on unfamiliar roads (25%) or driving at night (21%)

From watching my mum, sister, and family friends learn to drive and then pass their tests, I realised that driving was something I always wanted to do and couldn’t wait to get into a car and pass my own test. Driving provides me with a sense of freedom to explore the country and allows me to escape when having a bad day. Through my own love of driving, I decided that I wanted to teach others so they too could experience their own sense of freedom and escapism.

In my job, I come across a variety of people like me who can’t wait to pass their tests so they can go out to visit friends or drive them to the local fast food outlet on their lunch break. There are others though who feel anxious about driving and see it as a necessity, an ends to a means or a skill they may need later on in life when a partner or spouse is unable to drive.

These people tend to feel isolated, embarrassed, and convinced that everyone else is a more confident driver than they are. This isn’t actually the case and in fact confidence around driving can differ because of so many factors such as being in an accident or undergoing stressful times.

Being anxious about driving can become a vicious circle, drivers can become flustered, which means that they are more likely to make mistakes. This then can knock their confidence further so they try to avoid similar situations and in some cases, people can give up driving altogether.

At we constantly adapt our coaching skills according to the person we are teaching and try to help them as much as we can to overcome their fears and anxieties. For more information or to book a driving lesson visit our website at, call 07983554711, or send us an email at

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